Jordan Franks Looks To Make An Immediate Impact At UCF

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In less than two weeks, the college football journey begins for former Wakulla star Jordan Franks.

He wasn't heavily recruited and that has him hungry.

We found Franks work out at Body-Tek in Crawfordville, eager to prove he's a big time player.

"UCF gave me a chance to play division one football so I want to rep, represent them the best I can," Franks said.

Wakulla's Jordan Franks isn't taking any time off this summer. Being on the roster is not good enough for this gym rat.

"Going in trying to steal a starting position from a senior so that's my mentality right now," Franks said.

He plans on playing and he's not even sure what side of the ball he's lining up on.

"Since I really don't know what position I am playing since I signed up as an athlete I try to bulk up but not put on too much weight so I'm staying around 220 right now," Franks said.

He's willing to play his natural position of wide receiver or contribute on defense as a safety, it doesn't matter as long as it gets him on the field.

"I'm ready to hit somebody, catch over somebody, anything I have to do to win," Franks said.

And one of the big reason's Franks is putting in the extra work, he wants to be a factor when UCF opens the season in Dublin Ireland against Penn State.

"I've never been out of the states before, never been ten hours from my house before so it's going to be the real deal. My dad has been overseas since he was in the navy but I'm ready. Go to new parts of the world," Franks said.

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