Jumping To New Heights

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North Florida Christian's Darrielle McQueen has been a state champion in the triple jump since the seventh grade.

"I just continue to push myself farther and farther. I have a lot of goals for myself to reach in the future and I believe here is just the beginning of it," McQueen said.

She also took home Florida's state title in the long jump during her 9th and 11th grade years and doesnt plan on slowing down anytime soon.

"Just trying to perfect my craft, tweak a few things, fix a few things, continue to push myself so I can see if my numbers increase," McQueen said.

She's considered to be one of the best jumpers in the country.

"I dont try to compare myself because I feel I'm my own competition. I love it, I am embrace it fully, I believe I can compete with the best of the best thats on D-1 level right now," McQueen said.

If you talk to her coach, those goals could have her running for the red, white and blue.

"Darrielle has a lot of potential a lot of potential to actually be a future Olympian in the 2016 Olympic Games, so I really want to work with an athlete that has that same drive Darrielle has," McQueen's personal coach Darius Jones said.

McQueen is entering her senior season and received an invite to cmpete at an event in Iowa. She would compete against athletes that are already in college, only one problem, she may may not be able to go. She ran out of funding.

"I think sometimes people dont always pay much attention to the actual trip itself, getting there. We see the whole hype of going to the competition, so funds really plays a big part in traveling and competing well," McQueen said.

But it's out of her control so she's just going to keep jumping.

"I want to stay in the air as long as I can, it's what I do, it's what I love. Jumping thats me.

Mcqueen's Person Records:

Triple Jump: 40', 9.5"

Long Jump: 19', 2"

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