Leaving It All On The Field: Madison County Football

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Madison County, FL - December 9, 2012

"They're upset but it's not like they're throwing their helmets they finished well. They let their teammates and I know know they played as hard as they could absolutely play for each other and thats all we talked about. Finish well and play hard for the guy next to you and they did that'" Madison Couny Head Football Coach Mike Coe said.

Madison County making their second straight appearance in the state championship game and once again comes up short, but the scoreboard says they lost you ask the seniors, they gave it everything they had and they believe they played like state champions.

"Yes sir, at heart we do. I know we do and I love them and that's all I can say I mean I'm proud of them, we worked hard in the offseason and we did all we could do," Madison County senior quarterback DJ McKnight said.

What makes this group so special?

"Their grit, they won't quit, they don't stop fighting, they don't point fingers. Most adults point fingers and blame other people and this group right here doesn't do that they love each other unconditionally," Coe said.

For the seniors, it was their las game. Keyon Bruton 118 yards and a touchdown and when the seniors walked off the field the crowd, the Cowboys crowd that is gave them a standing ovation and there were twice as many cowboy fans as there were Suns fans.

"They know hard we worked and it was a joy being here and playing in this and being in this situation again. I wish we could've won but I gotta tell you you our team worked very hard and I'm proud of every last one of them," Madison County defensive lineman Brandon Crawford said.

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