Leek Brothers United Again at TCC

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Tallahassee, FL - When Deng Leek joined the Tallahassee Community College men's basketball team this year, he also joined his brother Leek Leek.

For as long as they two Sudan natives have lived in the United States, they've practically been side-by-side.

Deng Leek and Leek Leek are the 3rd and 4th youngest of 21 brothers and sisters.

When they embarked on their journey to America, they say the first week being away from their family was the toughest.

But when they began to pick up the English language and make friends on the basketball court, their purpose for being here became apparent.

Its no secret that the Leek brothers aspire to become Division-1 athletes and make it to the NBA.

Leek Leek is a 6'6" lefty forward who originally signed with UW-Milwaukee out of high school.

Deng Leek, one year younger, is a 7'0 center who originally signed with Western Kentucky.

Both went to prep school in North Carolina (and before that in Long Island, New York) but couldn't qualify academically at the next level due to low SAT scores.

But the recruiting has once again picked up for the Leeks as members of the TCC Eagles.

Schools from all over the country are showing serious interest, which means its possible the Leeks will be playing together one last time.

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