Live Interview With Former FSU Associate Head Coach Jim Gladden

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WCTV Sports received a special treat. Former FSU Associate Head Coach Jim Gladden stopped by to talk 'Noles Football.

Coach Gladden was a part of the FSU staff from 1975 through 2002. Gladden coached linebackers and defensive ends during his time and was instrumental in recruiting.

Coach you won two National Championships at FSU. Are there any similarities from those teams with this years team?

"The thing that I see with this ball club is that they are hungry, they go out there and play hard in all their ball games, they are making plays and I don't see a letdown right now. That's what they have to guard against is a letdown. The most important game on the schedule is the next game. You can't look ahead," Gladden said.

The next game is the return of Bobby Bowden, a special friend of yours, you worked for him for many years, how excited are you to see him come back?

"It's a special treat for me and all teh players that played for Coach Bowden. Coach Bowden was like a father to the players and most of the staff. GHe was so good to us and treated us so well, his management style was impecable, he allowed us to do our job and grow in the process. It was just a wonderful experience, I couldn't draw my career up any better," Gladden said.

Coach Bowden referred to special players as having it. Jameis Winston is getting a lot of praise for his play. I want you to listen to something and then I want your thoughts?

"Winning is expected, losing is not accepted. We always expect to win but we dont accept losing," Jameis Winston said.

He doesn't sound like a freshman coach, how impressed are you with him?

"Not at all does he sound like a freshman and the most important thing Jason, be it football or life, his attitude and all due respect with his abilities to make plays, he's made phenomenal plays for this football team all fall, jaw dropping plays but what he brings to the team to me that adds the most is his attitude. The can-do attitude that permeates throughout the team and it's that kind of thing is caught and not taught and Deion Sanders had it, Charlie Ward had it, Derrick Brooks had it, Terrell Buckley had it, Peter Boulware had it there were so many of us, so many of those guys that came through there that had it and brought everybody elses level of play or expectation of level of play up to his standard and that's what Jameis brings," Gladden said.

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