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Along With FSU, number two Auburn is getting ready for Pasadena as well.

It's amazing how Auburn got here. Two miracle wins in the closing seconds and this team didn't win a single SEC game last year. There are local ties on this team and they to contribute.
Auburn is an 8.5 point underdog, but players like Ryan White, a star quarterback at Lincoln High will try to prove experts wrong and keep the SEC streak of 7 straight national titles alive.

White stopped by WCTV today to talk about the national championship.

He believes turnovers are the key to this game.

"Nick does a thousand ball drills protecting the ball, ball security and all the running backs go out there 10-15 minutes before each practice and practice that. Coach Malzahn stresses protecting the football. He hates turnovers and you get punishment on Sundays when we have workouts for turnovers," White said.

You can hear more of what Ryan has to say about his Auburn Tigers, Saturday 11:30 Am on this week's Starting Lineup.

Number one versus number two. 13-0 FSU, 12-1 Auburn, Monday Janueary 6, 8:30 PM ET start from Pasadena, CA.

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