MEAC Media Days Continue

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Earlier this week the ACC wrapped up their media days. Now it's the MEAC Conference's turn. MEAC Conference Media Days got started on Thursday on Norfolk, Virginia.

FAMU is represented by Head Coach Earl Holmes, senior Cornerback Terry Johnson and senior kicker Chase Varnadore.

"The goal is to win the conference, always, but we don't listen to critics, at the end of the day its about our family, it's about the bond that we have and the trust that we have in our teammates, so everybody else's opinions doesn't really matter," said Johnson.

"It's about that time football season is about to start, I'm ready to get it going, I'm excited man. I can't wait to get out there on the field and show my talents and show what I've been doing, how hard I've been working and how hard as we as a team have been working, we've been working really hard this summer," said Varnadore.

After a 3-9 2013 season, the team isn't letting the past get in the way of their future.

"Last year was a rough start for us, I don't really like to talk about last year because that's in the past, we finished out 3-9, and one thing I can say about this year, you got learn how to crawl before you can learn how to walk, then you have to run, right? So we are going to do a lot of running this year," said Holmes.

"It really started 11 weeks ago when we started summer workouts been going 11 weeks strong, four days a week, haven't missed a day yet but just really ready to put on the pads and go to work," said Johnson.

"I'm just worried about Jackson State, I'm not worried about anything that happened last year, I'm just worried about Jackson State right now," said Varnadore.

The Rattlers take the field for their first game of the season at Jackson State on August 30th.

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