MLB Draft Presents A Big Decision

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Baseball recruiting can be so complicated, not only can guys leave early, but the player you thought who was coming to your school may get drafted and never step foot on your campus.

Former Chiles star Boomer Biegalski is one of those players.

He's committed to FSU. This past spring the right-handed pitcher went 7-3 with a 2.84 ERA for the College of Central Florida. Now, the draft presents a big decision.

"It feels pretty good, but it's all happening so fast you just kind of don't realize how quick things can move and next couple of days they can be moving really fast," Biegalski said.

He even added that college could be tough to pass up.

"A special moment in that garnet and gold. You know, home-town, growing up there watching them play all the time. Me and my dad have sat and talked about it but it really just depends what happens. We're not 100 percent positive, but it could go either way from here," Biegalski said.

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