Maclay Holiday Hoops Tournament Update

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Thursday Results
Ft. Walton Beach defeated Lincoln 56-31. Meagan Oneal (FWB) had 20 and Kayla Paker (Lincoln) had 8.
Arnold defeated Tallavana Girls 71-15
Faith Academy defeated Providence 55-39.
Maclay defeated Niceville 49-26. Kenya Pye had 18 points and Hannah Schuchts finished with 15.

Chiles defeated Port St. Joe 38-27. Mike Dunn had 16.
South Walton defeated JPII 75-29.
Florida High defeated Tallavana 80-42
Maclay defeated Brookwood 45-29

Schedule for Friday 1/4/13:
1:45 Lincoln vs. Providence and Ft. Walton Beach vs. Faith Academy
5:15 Maclay vs. Arnold and Tallavana vs. Niceville

3:30 Port St. Joe vs. Tallavana and Chiles vs. Florida High
7:00 Maclay vs. South Walton and JPII vs. Brookwood

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