Madison County Hosts Top Ranked Gainesville

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Madison, FL -- Madison County returns to Boot Hill to host one of the most anticipated games in the state.

"This is the one they've been looking for and like I told them, this will be a great test. This will show us where we're weak and what we need to work on right before the playoffs start."

"I've been thinking about it all season long, I'm ready to play them."

The Cowboys play host to Gainesville. The top ranked team in class 6-A, and 5th ranked team in the state.

"It's big, we're going to bring it. Ain't nobody I'd rather be out here grinding with than my fellas."

"I feel like it's going to be a great, competitive, physical game. It's going to be electric. We just have to go out there and take care of business, get after them, and do what we do, play Cowboys football."

Last year it was the Cowboys traveling to Gainesville, and ending the Hurricanes 19 home game winning streak.

"It was a real physical game and felt real good to come out with a win there."

"It was electric. It felt good to come out with a win, have my team better, made my team better, and be able to grind with these fellas."

A win they say sparked their run to the state championship.

"Well it brought us very close together. We saw what we really had and we come together at the end, no matter how tough it is. We battle it out, we go blow for blow, and we threw the final blow."

The Cowboys hope for a similar ending tonight.

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