National Gymnastics Meet in Capital City

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Tallahassee, FL - Tyler Schaal rarely competes in his home state. So even if he's a few hundred miles from his native Miami, in Tully Gymnasium, his friends and family are front and center.

"I had a couple of friends come out that are up here at FSU," Schaal said.

They came to watch Schaal at the first meet of the National Gymnastics League.

"That was great," he said. "It's really great for them to be seeing what I've been doing this whole time."

The Florida International student trains with Olympic-caliber athletes who were all on display this past weekend.

"Our whole gym pretty much trains five days a week," he said. "The rest of them do all day and I do part time so I can study."

Like many kids in the Capital City, his dream is to don the red, white and blue in 2016. And the practice time is never enough.

"From this, we go back to the gym, start training some more for the next one," he said.

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