No Off-season For Lowndes HS Football

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Lowndes football is loaded for talent but talent alone doesn't win you games. The Vikings are putting in the hard work during the summer, volunteering their time to get better, and battling the heat.

"They know the expectations around here, you know they expect to work hard, they have been working hard in the summer for a long time around here," Lowndes Head Football Coach Randy McPherson said.

"Just the thing of being a Lowndes Viking and we just have to push through it, you know if you want to be a champion you've got to work," Lowndes senior Cole Rigdon said.

"I try to be vocal i try to lead by example most of the time, I don't really like to get onto people but if I have to I will," Lowndes senior Nathan Brantley said.

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