Not Much Will Change At Godby

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Godby has a new head football coach, Todd Lanter, but as far as he's concerned, not much will change.

If it's not broken, don't fix it.

"I think Coach Cottrell and Coach McFarlane have done a fantastic job in what they've created here and there won't be any changes as far as I'm concerned," New Godby Head Football Coach Todd Lanter said.

Principal Shelly Bell brought in a coach that can keep the winning tradition going but understands student first, athlete second.

"His ability for him to come in and to relate to our students being that he has also been in a guidance role over at Lincoln High School that he could come in and do somethings knowing what they need to do to graduate, focus on the A-C-T and S-A-T and the academic aspect that Todd could really help," Godby Principal Shelly Bell said.

Coach Lanter is walking into a winning situation, no building from the bottom up, this cupboard is far from bare. He's keeping the staff intact and they are excited to get to work

"I think Godby is the premier football program in Leon county right now and maybe in North Florida," Lanter said.

"There was something that he made up called the cougar creed and that still holds ttrue today. It was funny I looked in my wallet the other day and i still had that in there form our two thousand and five season and he also carries that around. A lot of things here at Godby high school, he has helped implement," Godby Offensive Coordinator Cleon McFarlane said.

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