O'Meilia Overcomes Setback to Remain Perfect

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Tallahassee, FL -- Rolly O'Meilia has been playing Lacrosse since the 8th grade. He gave up football scholarship offers to attend Florida State and be a part of the FSU Lacrosse club team.

"I was trying to do both at one point but then I just decided. I came here for a visit and it sold me. My heart has always been here since I was a little kid and so, it was an easy choice."

Next Friday he'll play his final home game when the Seminoles host the Gators. A win on senior day will give him a perfect record at home over his four years.

Rolly's career was in jeopardy before he could play his first game with the Seminoles. After a fall practice, he had a stroke from dehydration, and never knew if he was going to play again.

"I just started losing feeling in the right side of my body. I had to sit down for a minute. Still ended up going to class. I had a splitting headache and once I got back I was just in bed for three days. Migraine, throwing up everyday. Doctors told me that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to ever play again."

He now has a blind spot in his right eye but Rolly kept fighting. He has been a four year starter and is a captain.

"I had headaches every day for about a month. Once I got used to not moving my eyes more rapidly and getting used to the vision thing, lacrosse came back naturally."

"Never a complaint. Just strap it on and go back at it again. Just a tough, tough young man."

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