Overcoming Adversity

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When you enter Munroe's football field there is an entrance that says "Commitment" with the number 9 logo on it. Every player enters and leaves the field through that sign and does so by smacking their helmet against it.

"When you touch that sign going on to the field you want to be better than you were touching it coming off the field," Munroe Senior Linebacker Myles Edwards said.

The Munroe Bobcats have certainly improved with every practice and every game.

Last fall Munroe finished a disappointing 1-9.

All but 4 players have returned.

Only 17 players suit up and see the field for this small school

Most players play both ways and somehow they are 3-0.

If that doesn't make you scratcch your head, this will. In three games they have yet to surrender a single point.

So if it's the same kids, how is it they've gone from bad to perfect.

"The tragedy accident with Josh Wilder that brought us together that made us feel more like brothers we feel almost like blood, we'd do almost anything for each other," Sophomore Wide Receiver Cole Skipper said.

On June 8th, Josh Wilder was involved in a fatal automobile accident in Bainbridge, Georgia. He was taken from this earth at the young age of 16.

"I know he's watching every play and right there with us every play," Edwards said.

We knew we had to dedicate this season to him, just dig down deep
and start playing ball, Bobcats Linebacker Bo Bailey said.

"Every day we think about him, we always say number 9 is with us always," Head Coach Danny Hood said.

How much do you guys think about him when you are out there on the field?

"Almost a hundred percent of the time," Bailey said.

"When we can turn a program around like we did from going 1-9 to 3-0 right now and not even be scored on, it shows how much we are playing for him. I mean that really touched us, brought us together , it was a terrible thing but we are just playing for him," Edwards said.

Josh didn't get much playing time, but everyone I spoke to said he had a great attitude and was a hard worker. Instead of retiring Josh's number, Coach Hood decided to keep Josh's attitude on the field.

"Just felt like someone who exemplified the same traits and attitude that Josh had, just felt like the hardest worker each week deserved to wear that and its really inspired these kids to work harder and remember Josh," Hodd said.

"It's one of the highest honors Ive had at this school. After every game whoever wears number 9, we always come up to the locker room, we take his jersey off, we hang it up and always say something about Josh," Edwards said.

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