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Plainview, NY (September 24, 2012)

Motus Global, a leading human performance technology firm, and the American Sports Medicine Institute, the world renowned clinical biomechanics research institute, have formed a strategic partnership to provide the most comprehensive biomechanical analysis for baseball pitchers, coaches, and trainers.

The goal of the partnership is to merge years of research and data compiled by ASMI with software tools being developed by Motus to assist users in helping prevent injury and provide feedback on the athlete’s performance.

“We focus on areas where we have expertise, and spend a lot of time forging partnerships which allow us to make our products and services more complete,” said Keith Robinson, COO & Co-Founder of Motus. “ASMI and the relationship we are developing is a perfect example of how having a great partner will allow us to offer a world class product to our baseball users. Doctors Glenn Fleisig and James Andrews have been pioneers in the biomechanics community and we are excited to help them continue to innovate.”

Earlier this year, ASMI and Motus jointly conducted biomechanical analyses for the Baltimore Orioles during their spring training camp. The ties became even stronger this summer when ASMI veteran Dave Fortenbaugh, PhD., joined Motus as their EVP of Biomechanics, Research and Development.

ASMI Executive Director Lanier Johnson stated, “We have been impressed with Motus’ ability to collect motion data outside of the laboratory setting, giving us the ability to perform biomechanical studies on athletes in game type situations. This provides us even greater insight into athletic performance and furthers our important mission of understanding, prevention and treatment of sports related injuries through research and education.”

Motus is set to launch its flagship biomechanics research and development lab at IMG Academy, in Bradenton, Florida. The goal is to establish a working relationship with professional, collegiate and amateur athletes and develop a formula for how Motus will be able to integrate its services into what athletes are doing while they train.

About Motus:
Motus Global is a leading human performance technology firm, developing movement analysis software, interactive tools, and technology based consumer products for sports. Headquartered in New York, Motus is set to launch its flagship biomechanics research and development lab in Florida, late 2012.

Founded in 2010 as Core Sports Technology Group, the mission is to develop and leverage technology, with a primary focus on software applications, which assist in the prevention of injury and raise the level of athletic performance. Through our proprietary software BionX™ and new technologies, including Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows, we are focused on releasing these products and services to a mass-market.

The company participates in the Microsoft Kinect for Windows Testing & Adoption Program, and maintains strong research and development relationships with The American Sports Medicine Institute and Motion Analysis Corporation.

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About ASMI:
The American Sports Medicine Institute, headquartered at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization founded by Dr. James Andrews and partners in 1987. During the past 25 years, ASMI has worked to improve the understanding, prevention, and treatment of sports-related injuries through research, training of sports medicine physicians, scientific courses and presentations, scientific publications, providing information to the media, and working with athletes, teams, and organizations. ASMI is the largest accredited trainer of physicians in sports medicine with over 345 graduates.

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