Passback Football Ready to Make a Splash at FSU-Miami

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Cornhole, barbecue--and football! Expect all of that and more this Saturday night when Florida State takes on Miami. Duck your head because the Passback football may be coming right at you!

Passback Sports is a leader in the sports training industry. Their goal is to make exciting training products and make an impact in the sports community. And you can do it by yourself--or with a friend as you get ready to watch the 'Noles and Canes.

PassBack Football is focused on helping athletes improve their game-day performance by focusing on five key components of superior athleticism: speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness. The training aids that PassBack Sports have developed are essential in the development of elite athleticism.

"The Passback Football is the only football in the world that can be passed against a wall and will rebound directly back to the passer.” says Corey Brock, Founder of PassBack Sports. "This is perfect for the athlete who wants to work on his throwing or catching when no one else is around.”

The concept of PassBack Football is pretty straightforward. The football is designed to fit in a player’s hand and held like regular football. The bottom of the football is designed with a flat surface, which will then bounce of a wall with ease.

The training methods developed by PassBack give athletes drills, programs, insight and information in order to work smarter, train harder and get better faster. Practice will never be cut short due to the weather. PassBack also gives athletes the opportunity to work within a confined space. Athletes can walk outside and be training on the side of their house multiple times a day.