Practice Starts For Football In Georgia

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High school football season is right around the corner. Actually, it's here as of Friday. Teams were allowed to start practice on August 1, and that's exactly what Thomas County Central did.

The Yellow Jackets have a long-standing tradition to hold the first football practice at midnight of the first day it's allowed. For head coach Bill Shaver, this year is going to be tougher than in years past.

"We lost 10 out of 11 on offense. We had two receivers who alternated at the one receiver spot so we really don't have one single starter back," said Shaver. "It's going to be a process, our guys got to try to work on getting better each day and of course having to replace Adam Choice, who has been our starting quarterback for the last three years, it was always pretty easy to call plays when the chips were down you always knew to get it to number 2."

Florida teams will start practice on August 4.

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