Ray Rice Officially Joins VertiMax Team

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Tampa, FL (October 18, 2012)---VertiMax, an innovator in delivering leading edge speed and vertical gains to athletes, today, has announced that Pro Bowl running back, Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens has joined its team as a partner of the company.

Rice says, "I’m excited to be a part-owner of a company that is going to change everything and make a real difference providing athletes new ways to develop their abilities and at the same time open up opportunities for athletes of all ages everywhere."
Rice has been training with VertiMax for the past five years and saw the opportunity as a no-brainier adding, "I’ve been completely sold on the VertiMax for years as it is the best product I've ever used to develop my power and speed. So you can imagine I was pretty excited when VertiMax approached me with this opportunity.”

"We are very excited to have Ray buy into our company and its vision, said Mike Wehrell, CEO and founder of VertiMax, "Ray told me that he wished that he had a VertiMax when he was growing up and that the youth athletes he works with that also use VertiMax are always excited about what VertiMax has done for their speed and vertical. None of them would trade it for anything.”

Wehrell, a former football player at the University of Florida, created this training system as a more efficient solution for developing explosive leg power and speed to counter where conventional training techniques simply come up short on delivering performance gains. VertiMax training systems are now being used by the best athletes in the world. Currently, 50% of the NFL, 40% of the NBA, 30% of MLB and over 70% of all major Division I colleges and universities use VertiMax in their training protocols.

“About 30 minutes into our meeting Mike started showing me other training devices they have designed that people can’t even buy yet, Rice said, “Everything he put in front of me was something I’ve never seen before and completely off the charts and I kept saying; I need that. I need that too. When can I try that? They’re even working on something for race-horses that’s amazing. I can’t tell you how it works but if I were a race horse, I’d want that too.”

"Everything VertiMax is creating makes perfect sense to me and they are doing it in ways I have never seen before and that's exciting," Rice said, "I know I'm not going to play football forever so getting involved long term with this company that’s creating things I know athletes are going to want and need made more sense than just endorsing one great product."

You can check out Rice’s personal workout page on the VertiMax website at: http://www.VertiMax.com/rayrice/

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