Results In For Annual Football Poll [SEE SURVEY]

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Tallahassee, FL - This year, the Tallahassee Voices' Annual Football Poll asks:

How many local residents think Jameis Winston will be better than Charlie Ward? Would Gator fans rather play Ohio State (Urban Meyer) or South Carolina (Steve Spurrier) in a bowl? How many games will the Seminoles, Gators & Rattlers win?

The results of the poll were released today. Just about 487 panelists responded to the survey on the 2013 college football season.

They predict the Seminoles and the Gators will both go nine and three this year, while the Rattlers will go seven and four.

12% of fans think FSU will be number one at the end of the season, and 13% of fans believe the Seminoles will go undefeated. Only 6% of Rattler fans believe FAMU will go undefeated.

71% of FSU fans believe they must win the ACC championship for the season to be considered a success. 43% of fans think that Jameis Winston will be as good as Charlie Ward. FSU's first game is in Pittsburg on Labor Day Monday.

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