Rickards Hosts Basketball Camp

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Tallahassee, FL - Chase Hudson isn't worried about being the next LeBron James just yet. The eight-year-old is just trying to learn the basics.

"I learned the L-Cut, crossover, layups (left and right)," Hudson said. "We get to play one-on-one and have fun and workout."

Inside the Rickards gymnasium, about three dozen kids aged 8-14 years old were doing exactly what Chase said. They worked on the fundamentals.

"It's gonna help me a lot because I can go home and practice and I'll know what to do instead of wondering what to do," Da'Ondalyn Simmons said.

Varsity coaches and players passed along plenty of experience.

"I expected to take something away but I didn't expect to take this much away from here," Simmons said.

Perhaps enough to dribble past the competition, but sometimes it's not all about the competition. For Hudson, this camp provided a new meaning.

"It means to have fun," he said.

He's right. That's what this camp is all about.

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