Samman's Hidden Room

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Tallahassee, FL - His preparation for the Ultimate Fighter is hidden in a room that barely fits a dozen people. Josh Samman's training at Gold's Gym may seem unusual, but not for him.

"Training at Gold's is great," Samman said. "I work with Joey Burtoft whose been my boxing coach for some years now. When I first came to him I was kind of raw."

Samman tried out four times for the reality show until he finally forced them to submit.

"I just proved to myself over the whole course of the process that as long as you don't give up, you can kind of accomplish anything you put your mind to," said Samman, a Leon High School alum. "With me, especially, it was something that eluded me for so long."

Samman typically ends his fight with a double fist attack. He's shy to talk about it because he doesn't like to refer to it as his signature move. But it's a move that he used to win his quarterfinal match against Jimmy Quinlan.

"I think the fights themselves were a good indicator of my skill level at the time. I think I've gotten even better since then," he said.

Samman, who moved to Miami three weeks ago, is one of only four fighters who remain on the show. A six figure contract is on the line.

"As long as I'm happy with my performance, that's the important thing. And I'm very happy with it," he said.

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