Seminole Spotlight: Winston Keeps Cool

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Tallahassee, FL - Jameis Winston hears the Heisman talk, the media hype and the ribbing from his teammates. But Number Five isn't letting it get to his head.

His five-touchdown performance, which included 356 passing yards, against Pittsburgh set off a salivating frenzy around the country.

"Usually you put any 18, 19-year-old in that situation and he's gonna have butterflies and he's gonna have mistakes, big ones," said Kenny Shaw, an FSU senior wide receiver.

But not Winston. After the season-opening win, Seminole Nation couldn't get enough. His shirts were selling out and Nike requested a license from FSU to start printing jerseys.

"I'm just gonna be myself. I'm just gonna do what I gotta do and I'm gonna prepare because my team, they are depending on me," Winston said.

Given the nickname "Famous Jameis," he hears the team getting him on all the time because of the extra attention. He says he tries to tune it out by singing 'Sweet Child O' Mine.' That way, he says, they'll leave him alone.

"Everytime I see him now, it's just like, dang," said Cameron Erving, a junior offensive lineman. "Everybody talked about it - I knew he could do it - but he did. He just played a heck of a game."

The talk will carry into the game against Nevada. It will be his first appearance at Bobby Bowden Field since the spring game.

"Watching the Pitt film I just know that I made a lot of mental mistakes," he said, "and I know I just gotta be cool in the pocket and just let things happen instead of making things happen."

Even he knows it'll take more than one game to live up to the fame.

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