Signing With My Brother

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Recently our stars of the high school gridiron took a step closer towards their future, signing football scholarships, a free education.

It was a busy but great day for one family.

Today Johnathan along with family and friends will be signing at Florida State University.

North Florida Christian running back Johnathan Vickers recently signed a football scholarship with the Seminoles.

Just under 4 miles down the roadGodby defensive back De'Eric Culver inked a scholarship to Louisville.

Two different athletes at separate schools.

Both players competing on opposite sides of the ball. One scoring touchdowns the other preventing them.

Not much in common right? Think again.

They are brothers.

I know what you are thinking. They have different last names. That is true, but they do have the same father, and a common love for football and each other.

"I mean It's my little brother. I was with him since he was born since I'm the oldest but I've got make sure I'm there for him," Culver said.

Only 30 minutes separated their signing day ceremonies but both athletes made sure they were on hand to suport the other at their respective schools.

"Pretty special to get an opportunity to see my big brother sign and he come see me sign so it's exciting," Vickers said.

"It was a joyous moment. Talk about this forever. Talk about this forever, talk about this forever. We worked our tails off to get here. We were both able to sign great scholarship offers." Culver said.

And they were looking their best on signing day.

How come you couldn't convince him to wear a bow tie?

"I'm a little more smoother than him so you know," Culver said with a smile.

The brothers tried to become college teammates. It wasnt in the cards but they are oaky with that. Afterall, they went to different high schools.

"There's a point in time when it could've happened but we have to do what's best for us and for our families so it almost came true so we are just happy where we are right now," Vickers sai.d

Next fall Louisville joins the ACC. That means they'll get to compete against each other. De'eric a defensive may be asked to make an open field tackle on his brother or from the other perspective the only thing stopping Jonathan from reaching the end zone could be big brother.

"Of course I have to do my job. That's rule number one, I have to do my job. I mean we are family and everything. But once we go on the fierld, you're my brother but if you come my way I have to give it to him," Culver said.

"He's a good hitter but you know but if he dont try and hit me as best he can, I'm going to be disappointed he's my brother so I expect him to do to me what he do to everybody else but I have a few tricks up my sleeve and a few things he hadn't seen so I'm going to give it to him and do my best," Vickers said.

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