Simpson Fighting Through Past

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Tallahassee, FL - Suzanne Simpson will be the first female out of Tallahassee to compete at Combat Night.

"It's a personal fight for me because I've fought through life on a lot of different areas," she said.

The Alligator Point native is punching away her past as she trains for her first amateur MMA fight at the gym Train. Fight. Win. But her past can never escape her.

"Whatever this girl does to me damage-wise, I've been through it ten times worse," Simpson exclaimed.

Two years ago, right after Thanksgiving, Simpson started a bonfire in her backyard. It blew up right in front of her. She was rushed to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and then airlifted to Shands in Gainesville, Florida.

Doctors told her 48 percent of her body was covered in third degree burns, lucky enough to have survived. She spent a week in intensive care.

"When you look in the mirror and your face does not look like who you used to be, your lips are swollen, your skin is flaking off, people look at you different, too," she said.

Simpson, 30, is fully healed, but her skin is more delicate than others.

"I've sparred her," said Sky Rudloe, the owner of Train. Fight. Win. "I've got 75 pounds on her and she still bites the mouthpiece and comes storming in. So pains not really going to upset her."

"My skin is a little more thinner than most people's and I can get a little more damage to it, but that's just secondary," Simpson said.

For her, stepping into the cage is primary.

"It's gonna be a great feeling. Win, lose, draw it's gonna be a great feeling," she said.

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