South Georgia High School Football Media Day

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South Georgia High School Football Media Day was held in Valdosta on Saturday. Ten area high school football coaches talked about their program from last year, and what to expect this year.

"Got an interesting problem this year, we don't see it as a problem. There may be two quarterbacks in Valdosta. If one of those guys gets a hot hand, that's the one that we will play. We have repped them evenly throughout the course of the summer," said Valdosta Head Coach Rance Gillespie.

"Although we do have a tall task of replacing ten of eleven starters on offense and the one returner is not really one, it's two halves. We have two wideouts that alternate the plays in. One of them had three catches, the other had five catches. So we have a lot of replacing to do on offense," said Thomas County Central Head Coach Bill Shaver.

"As you can remember when I stood up at this podium last year, I didn't know who our quarterback was going to be last year, Payton kind of came out of the blue, hadn't started for Thomasville in the history of his career and we're in the same situation," said Thomasville Head Coach Leroy Ryals.

"We feel like we're at the final step of the rebuilding mode, after having our great year in 2010, and basically what we had in 2011 was scary and we've been inching back up since then," said Clinch County Head Coach Jim Dickerson.

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