Spradling Badly Injured in Skydiving Accident

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Tallahassee, FL - Florida State Senior Outfielder Stephen Spradling was badly injured in a skydiving accident on Sunday. He underwent surgery on Thursday afternoon and is recovering at a hospital in Melbourne, Florida.

Spradling was about 100 feet from the ground when he noticed another skydiver coming into his path. He quickly pulled his chute and rocketed to the ground.

Spradling broke his pelvis, his ribs, his hip and a bone in his back. Doctors say he will be in a wheelchair for at least the next couple of months. They also say he will walk again. It is likely a career-ending injury due to the rods and plates they had to insert in his hip and back.

Spradling hit .262 in 42 at bats last season after transferring from Broward Community College.

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