Sullivan Lectures at FSU

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Tallahassee, FL - Among a packed room at Florida State's School of Business, Jacksonville Jaguars wide receivers coach Jerry Sullivan spoke about the role of leadership in business and sports. This was part of the Dean's Speaker Series.

Sullivan touched on several associated topics dealing with sports and the real world including competition, pressure and focus. He says much of what he conveyed during the lecture is what he teaches to his players.

"Bobby Knight used to say that if you speak for an hour than you hope that they grab 10 minutes of what you said and can use it," said Sullivan, who has 41 years of experience in the NFL and college levels. "And there will be some things that I said that down the road will stick in their mind about opportunity, competition, focal point, those kind of things so it can help make them a better person or be able to handle situations better."

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