Tallahassee Heat Elite Are Seeking A National Title

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The Tallahassee Heat Elite are an AAU softball team. One of the top ranked teams in the state of Florida.

Now they are going to see just how good they are against the nation’s best.

These local girls ages range from 16 to 18 and they believe they can bring home the trophy.

"I think we have a really good shot of going far,” Heat Elite Pitcher Jensen Strickland said.

"Last year we were new to it and we really didn't know what we were expecting,” Heat Elite First Baseman Morgan Matthews said.

"Have eleven other girls that are excited to go back," Jensen added.

"The majority of the girls who play softball don't get the opportunity. I think it's one in eight, so it's a big deal,” Assistant coach Sean Matthews said.

The Tallahassee Heat Elite are playing for a national title,

They are one of about a hundred teams competing in Montgomery, Alabama this weekend.

"This experience is just going to prepare me and my senior teammates who get to go on to the next level," Matthews said.

The game plan is this. Stick with what you know and keep things simple.

"My goal for myself is to get at least one hit a game. If everyone puts in at least one hit a game we will be fine," Heat Elite catcher Hannah Calhoun said.

"Same time, it’s just a game. You play it every week, you practice every week, you put time into it and it basically comes down to practice so you practice how you play," Strickland said.

The Heat played in this tournament last year, so they believe that experience gives them an advantage to succeed.

"This year we are better prepared for the quality of the teams, you don't expect the teams from up north to be as good because they don't play year round but they are all pretty stout," Calhoun said.

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