Tallahassee Flugtag Team Makes A Splash In Miami Competition

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Miami, FL - The Tallahassee team named "Despicable Me, Return of the Minions" participated in the event this past weekend. After the required dance, high over the waters of Biscayne Bay, the team and their glider took flight! Well, they didn't go very far. The team didn't place... But it still looks like they had fun.

By: Garin Flowers
August 23, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Hunter Drury and his team - all FSU students - participated last year at the annual National Red Bull Flugtag competition in Miami, hosted by Red Bull.

"It's an event where teams are selected to build their own aircrafts and they have to be man powered, then you attempt to fly them off a 30-foot-high flight deck over water," Drury said.

The worldwide popular event enlists dozens of teams and brings out thousands of people to watch contestants perform a skit, then fly off into the water.

"We were team Despicable Me last year, we dressed up as minions. We built a craft that looked like his car from the movie with the little glider on top," Drury said.

For this year's competition, team Despicable Me starts off with sponsors.

Momma Goldberg's Deli shows support for their team for the second year in a row by providing a check.

Jamie Vitale sat in the FlugTag aircraft last year and steered it on its way down the ramp.

"Everything went pretty smooth. I kind of just dove right into the water and nothing bad happened, didn't hurt at all," Vitale said.

On Friday the construction officially began and when it's all said and done, team Despicable Me, will put together an aircraft they hope will be a winner.

Team Despicable Me will be competing at the National Red Bull Flugtag on September 21 in Miami at Biscayne Bay. You can support them on their social media pages:

Facebook: Team Despicable Me: Return of the Minions

Twitter: @TeamDespicableM

Instagram: @team_despicable_me

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