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FSU UF Football Rivalry to Attract Visitors
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Have you ever been that kid who was the last one picked to be on a team? It's not a good feeling. 1 in 5 children in this country are obsese. "Wear Your Soul" is a prgram created by a pair of former FSU football players to get kids to execise that dont want to be on a team sport, but these former Noles had to get their own personal wake up call first.

This here was 370. 7 months ago this is what I was. This is what I wore to work every day. I look at it and I can't believe it, I'm like wow, look at the difference,," Former FSU football player Joe Ostazewski said.

Joe Ostazewski recently lost 147 pounds on the reality tv show "The Biggest Loser."

In the late 1980's, early 90's Joe and his identical twin brother Henry were star defensive linemen on the Florida State football team.

But life after the game, they continued to eat like football players and exercised less frequently.

"And before you know it you're a hundred pounds heavier. It's like wait, where did all this weight come from," Ostazewski said.

While Joe was losing weight on TV, Henry was getting in shape at home. Combines they lost 280 pounds.

"But when you're big, you wear your weight well everything's great but when you look at it and get on the scale and look at yourself in the mirror you're like I'm huge look at the size of me, how did I get this big. It really plays a toll on your mind, but then its actually can I get back to a healthy weight, is that possible?" Ostazewski said.

The brothers got their wake-up call when they were sitting in an intesive care unit because their dad suffered his second major heart attack

"I looked at him and I said "Henry you're huge" and he looked over at me and said "who do you think you are, a ballerina." It was that moment that right there we said we had to do something about this," Ostazewski said.

Health ailments due to morbid obesity is a huge problem for former football players.

"These offensive linemen that are coming out 330, 340 pounds, yeah you've got to have that weight to play in the trenches, " Ostazewski said.

"I spoke to Coach Bowden a couple of weeks ago and he hit home with me. He said, "Joe do you know how many of my athletes that I have coached, I've outlived?" Most of those are offensive or defensive linemen. If you think about it, people don't know this, what's the average life expectancy of an offensive or defensive lineman that plays in the NFL 3 years? 55 years young," Ostazewski said.

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