The Story Behind The FSU Fight Song

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By: Bailey Myers
September 20, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Generations of Noles are getting together in one place... and the FSU Alumni Center is that place!

Tommie Wright is a special guest tonight. Tommie wrote the fight song for FSU in 1950.

Says Wright: "We didn't have a fight song at that time. I happened to read a poem in the Flambeau by Doug Alley, a young graduate student who said you have to "fight, fight, fight"-- I thought 'this is a good poem, I'm going to write some music to this', so I wrote the fight song, gave it to the band director, and they put it on the field the following Saturday. The student body liked it and adopted it the following week. The student body president at that time was Reuben Askew who became later, the Governor of Florida."

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