Transcripts from Quarterbacks Jameis Winston and Jacob Coker – Sept. 18, 2013

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QB Jameis Winston Quotes

On his trust in the wide receivers:
“That’s one thing about playing quarterback at Florida State. You have great guys that are going to get the ball; you have great people that are going to protect you. Those guys are amazing, Kenny (Shaw), Rashad (Greene), KB (Kelvin Benjamin), even Christian Green, everyone has been playing their role with this team.”

On the throw to Kelvin Benjamin that went out of bounds in the endzone against Nevada:
“Of course, we practice on that all the time. Him being 6’6” is obviously a great advantage on anyone else. I just wanted to put it up there where nobody could get it but him.”

On his rapport with Kenny Shaw:
“I got great chemistry with all of my wide receivers. It was a run and this was my read. Coach tells me to throw that, if it’s open, just throw it. We just got in a groove that way; they weren’t covering it so we just kept on.”

On how to manage his own expectations:
“Well you got to play every day. You’ve got to come to practice, I got to prepare well, watch and just keep getting better. Everyone is going to make mistakes. Playing right now, it’s just two games and I’ve just been having fun. My wide receivers have been tremendous and I’m being protected well. Everything is just going good right now. We had some adversity last game, just happy that we were able to bounce back and get that win.”

On what was his better throw last game:
“I really wasn’t looking at it because Kenny (Shaw) made a great play, to get held and still catch the ball, he actually caught the ball with one hand. Christian (Green) had a great play, too. I really wasn’t thinking about the throw that I made. When you got guys that’s going to get the ball for you and you’ve got guys who are going to catch the ball without dropping, any throw can be made like as a perfect throw because the one I threw to Rashad (Greene), that looked like a great throw but he went up there and got that ball and came down inbounds.”

On how they developed their rapport:
“The summer. We put in a lot of work in this summer, 7-on-7’s, we even had meetings during the summer, just me and the wide receivers and the running backs. It was just that preparation before the season so when we came into the season we were comfortable with each other.”

On what he did not like during the Nevada game:
“That interception that I threw. I didn’t like it, no one likes an interception. We started off slow, and part of it was my fault because I have to keep the intensity up and the energy up. We ended up pulling it out. We had two quick scores at the end of the second quarter which was great. That’s how we play, we play fast, we play efficient, get the job done.”

On the interception:
“Real bad decision, wasn’t even supposed to have been looking that way.”

On if he’s getting his information from Jimbo Fisher or Randy Sanders:
“Both, the preparation is made before the game instead of during the game. But obviously if they see something that I don’t see while I’m on the field or if I see something that they’re not seeing, we’ve gotten real good at communicating that during the game.”

On how you get pass an interception:
“That’s how I’m coached. That’s what I’m coached to do. A touchdown, I’m going to celebrate on the field, but when I get to the sideline that play is over with. An interception, I can put my head down or something, but when I get to the sideline, it’s over with because that’s the game of football. You’ve got to keep going, you never know what play is going to be the difference maker in a win or a loss.”

On what he learned from EJ Manuel:
“It was great to have EJ there just for me to be available to observe him. He led the nation in efficiency, he was up there, he always made good decisions. I don’t know how many interceptions he had but I know he did a great job for me. Just being able to watch him and how he’s able to process things, I can kind of put that to my game because we have similar games, it’s just that the first two games have been real good, EJ had two tremendous first games. Just looking up to him, wow, I’m just sitting, but now I’m actually on the field. I can be able to use some of EJ’s ideas or be able to do something that he did last year.”

On if he talked to EJ after his first NFL win:
“I did, I talked to him. I was proud of him. I didn’t say much, I just said he deserved it. I was kind of mad because of the interception at what people were saying. But I was like, he got blitzed. It was pass interference and he went down there and scored a touchdown on his dad’s birthday. That’s love. To do that for your dad and being that it’s your first pro football win, that’s amazing.”

On his responsibilities during the huddle:
“Set the tempo, that’s one thing I think as a quarterback you have to do, you have to bring the energy to the huddle because you’re really the only one that’s talking in the huddle. I got to have a positive voice and my voice has to be strong, I can’t say a play weak with no confidence. I have to be strong and set the tempo because those guys will follow the person they think they can trust. I’m communicating with everyone.”

On how much it helps to have the offensive line with experience:
“It makes everything easier. That offensive line that I have, those receivers that I have, any quarterback, any young quarterback, would dream of that. When you have 10 other guys that know what they’re doing and been there before, it makes your job easier. I’m the youngest on the offense and they pull me with them and I’ll pull them with me.”

On if Bethune-Cookman’s win last week got the team’s attention:
“Of course it got our attention, but like Coach Fisher always tells us, we’re not looking at our opponent, we’re facing ourselves. I believe if we go out there and do what we have to do, we will be successful. They’re a great team, they’re gritty, they’re fast, athletic and they have a lot to prove but we’re Florida State, we got to keep playing Florida State football and keep grinding no matter who we’re playing.”

On what Bethune-Cookman does defensively:
“They play a lot of cover 4, and that’s going to give us some big shot opportunities and they play a lot of man, they blitz a lot. We’re just going to keep preparing for them and we’re going to know they’re going to come with it. They’re not going to be scared. It’s not the fact that we walk on the field and they’re scared. We know they’ve got some great players and they’re going to come with it, but we got to bring it harder.”

On how it’s been with his family as his attention has grown:
“Being at Florida State it’s kind of easier to do that (stay grounded) because no one really cares about all that stuff and that’s good. I walk around campus and it’s like ‘hey, what’s up, good game,’ and I’m like ‘thank you.’ It’s good. My family, they’re really not worried about that because that’s what they expect. They don’t expect me to go out there and be nervous because I haven’t done that my whole life.”

On if he was nervous in high school starting as a freshman:
“No, because I just love playing football. That’s one thing about the Pittsburgh game, I just wanted to go out there and play. I sat out the whole year so I was just ready to go.”

On his relationship with QB Jacob Coker:
“You should just see us, just coming to practice and watch us. Nothing is different. It’s still like fall camp to us. We’re still out there having fun. We know that we can do the same thing, every quarterback that Coach Fisher has prepared, every one of those quarterbacks can go out there and do the same thing. And by us having the same guys around us, I said that earlier, any quarterback, young quarterback, it’s a young quarterback’s dream. And for both of us, me and Jacob, even Sean (Maguire), it’s fun to have guys like that around.

On competing with one another:
“Just by having him here, Jacob could go anywhere and be their quarterback, by having him here, that’s good, that’s the kind of push that you need. I can never get complacent because I know someone can come right there and fill-in to do the same thing that I’m doing. I know the team would trust him just like they trust me. We’re kind of like twin brothers. One of us is on the field, one of is not.”

On if he watched Coker play last week:
“Of course. He can do amazing things. We’ve got three good quarterbacks. Jacob is phenomenal; he can do things that most people can’t do. He’s just that good.”

Quarterback Jacob Coker Quotes

On being able to play against Nevada and make a few throws:
“It’s nice. I had a lot of fun Saturday. We won the game and I got to go in and play a little bit and that’s always fun. I enjoyed it.”

On Jameis Winston being able to perform well since he was named starting quarterback:
“I love it because we’re 2-0 and he’s performed the way that everyone has expected him to perform. I’m not as impressed as everyone else is because I’ve seen it happen in practice every day. I know what he can do, he’s one heck of a player and I’m proud of him.”

On showing how capable he was of starting since Jimbo Fisher said it was an extremely tough choice
“I felt like I was comfortable enough to win a bunch of games for us. I feel just as comfortable starting. Whatever people say, I don’t read into it too much. I try to do my thing on the field. I appreciate what they say; it means a lot, it really does. But I still have to go out and work as hard as I did when nobody knew who I was.”

On preparing for the quarterback battle
“When I got here I always had the mindset that you can’t hold it against somebody for trying to beat you out. That’s what you’re here to do. Every quarterback that has come in here, I try to be as close to as possible. I have a good relationship with everybody. I try to be friends before I’m teammates with them. I’m proud of Jameis, and we joke and laugh and mess around with each other all the time. It’s fun to have guys that you’re friends with on the team as well as teammates.”

On how Jimbo Fisher told Jacob about his decision on the starting quarterback
“He had confidence in me and told me like how he told you all. It was a tough decision, but he felt like Jameis was the guy who could win the most games, and that’s the decision he came up with. He’s the boss and I’m going to support him. He obviously knows way more than I do about football and the team. I’m just pulling for the team. Whatever helps us win, I’m all behind it.”

On whether his role as the backup quarterback changes his approach
“It’s never changed the way I’ve practiced. I’ve always tried to go out there and give it all I can and see what we’ve studied in the film and talked in meetings about. As far as me being the No. 2 guy, it hasn’t changed from this year to last year how I’ve tried to prepare for the game.”

On the support he received when the quarterback decision was announced
“I got all kinds of calls and texts and all kinds of stuff trying to keep me positive. It was tough getting used to it, because nobody wants to sit on the bench if you’re any kind of competitor. It was tough, it was a hard thing. I had friends and family back home that were upset just like I was, but they’re still behind me and they still believe in me.”

On whether him and Jameis Winston talked about the quarterback competition at all
“I was always supportive of Jameis no matter what, and he was the same with me. The way I looked at it was I tried to focus on myself and make myself better every day and the team. I didn’t look at it as ‘Well he made a good throw so I have to make a good throw.’ If he made a good throw, I gave him a high five and I tried to make a good play myself. We’re just preparing for the games and trying to win them all.”

“We really didn’t even talk about it. When it happened it happened and it didn’t really change us. We just went out there and did the same thing. It felt like there wasn’t even a competition going on on the field. In practice, he took some reps and I took some reps. Practice went well and then a decision was made. It wasn’t like a big thing during practice or around the locker room. It was just practice.”

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