Treutler's Vision Expands at FSU

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Tallahassee, FL - Tom Treutler isn't new to the game of baseball, but his 14U Vietnamese team is learning more about America's Pastime everyday, especially at Mike Martin's baseball camp.

"Here, we wanted the kids to improve their baseball skills, but the big thing was to see an excellent program like this to inspire them for the future," said Treutler, who is a Grand Haven, Michigan native.

Treutler has lived in Vietnam for 15 years practicing law. But about six years ago, he founded the Hanoi Youth Baseball Club, one of the only youth baseball clubs in Vietnam, a country of about 90 million people.

"The team's getting better every year and this year we wanted to bring them to a camp in the U.S," Treutler said.

The Hanoi Capitals are making their second trip to the United States.

"They're thirsty to learn, so it was very easy. They're very coachable," said Antonio Santiago, who works at FSU and helped coordinate the Vietnamese team's activities.

"It was very important for us to be in this camp, practicing and learning and have more experience to play in the future," said Hai Nguyen, a centerfielder on the Hanoi Capitals.

It's all part of Treutler's vision.

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