VIDEO: FSU Tight-End Survives Horrifying Motorcycle Crash

FSU TE Nick O'Leary is healthy after surviving a motorcycle crash in May. (USATSI)
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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

July 25, 2013

Tallahassee, FL--Florida State students can't believe their eyes.

"Wow," said an FSU student watching the video.

"It is a blessing,"said another FSU student.

They were watching one of their star player's, FSU's tight-end Nick O'Leary, on a motorcycle ramming into the front of a Lexus before crashing into the windshield of a Star Metro Bus.

According to the Tallahassee Police Department report, the bus was stopped in an authorized bus stop, when O'Leary was ejected into the windshield shattering the glass.

The accident happened back in May on Mission Road in Tallahassee, but the video was recently released.

The video shows O'Leary standing up and walking away immediately after.

"They collided together, so it's kinda like wow its very surprising I never seen an accident like that before," said Ternisha Williams, an FSU student.

"I could not believe that he got out of that just fine that has to be some kind of miracle," said Matthew Weithorn, an FSU Student.

The FSU Athletics Department declined to comment on the crash.

The TPD accident report says, O'Leary was transported to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the Lexus was charged with Careless Driving.

CBSSports News Copy

Florida State tight end Nick O'Leary walked away, apparently without injury, from a motorcycle crash in Tallahassee earlier this summer.

O'Leary was transported to the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital and treated for non-life threatening injuries after an incident on May 2, 2013, according to a report obtained by SB Nation's Bud Elliot.

SB Nation also obtained video of the incident, which reveals a much more horrifying situation than Jimbo Fisher led on at ACC Media Days earlier this week.

Fisher simply implied that O'Leary wrecked his scooter, and did not have any updates regarding a change in status for fall camp.

Check out the video, courtesy of SBN.

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