VSU Working Out During The Summer

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Valdosta State has won 3 national championships in football and looking to add to that list.

The Blazer seniors want to go out as champions, so that means putting in a little extra work during the summer. VSU going hard during voluntary workouts in the South Georgia heat.

"I've got to be a top role because it's me and Caleb as the top quarterbacks on the team, we've got to show our brothers that we have their backs no matter what. It's like my Dad always said, adversity doesn't build character it reveals the character of the team," VSU senior quarterback Jake Medlock.

"You want all the guys out here, especially being a senior , it's your last go around, being able to see that your getting close to half the team and it will continue to grow as the summer comes along and just given the, coaches aren't out here so your leading each other and I think that's the best time to develop leadership," VSU senior center Mike Miller said.

"This is my last year, this is a lot of our last year and everybody coming out here, this is kind of how 2012 started we had a lot of people showing up for the summers, working out, getting in extra work and it really made a difference as you can tell," VSU senior offensive tackle Colin Glasco said.

"It's showing that everybody growing as brothers, last year we didn't have too much of that we had too many individuals and see the amount of people that we have here now, we can kind of form into a decent team," VSU senior defensive end Tevin Davis said.

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