Valdosta State Holds Fundraiser

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Valdosta State Athletics held a fundraiser at Valdosta's Kinderlou Golf Course. Head Football Coach Dean organized the event which raised funds for equipment, uniforms and travel expenses.

"This is a recruiting tool but that's not why we do it, we really do it to promote Valdosta State, people don't really realize how big Valdosta State is, it's a big school but a small school and for us to be able to get out and talk about it and they get an idea of what Valdosta State is all about," Dean said.

Coach Dean is also excited to get the football season underway. His team shares a stadium with Valdosta High School, and this fall it will have a new look. New turf has been put down.

"It will always be Valdosta High School's stadium, we understand that, we're just fortunate enough that we get to play in a great venue and are supported by a great community but we're looking forward to playing on that new turf. I walked out on it about a week ago and it feels great, really really done first class," Dean said.

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