WCTV Visits Jefferson County's Football Practice

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WCTV continues to make its rounds to high school football camps in the area.

Checking in on Jefferson County, the Tigers bring a new brand of tougnhnes this season to Death Valley.

Vic Culley takes over, his players are buying in and you can hear the intensity in their voices.

" Its gonna change a lot, we're an intense team and we like to hit people. And we want to make sure that you know we're here because we're gonna hit you so it's gonna be different," Jefferson County Senior Linebacker Tanner Aman said.

"It actually shows who really you know has the toughness in them. We just excited about getting in the pads, you know what i'm saying? We were excited back in the spring about getting in the pads. You know so we're just ready to get back," Jefferson County Middle Linebacker Travis Addison said.

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