WWE Hits Tallahassee Honoring An FSU Legend

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By: Bailey Myers

Tallahassee, FL - Thousands of World Wrestling Entertainment fans were getting rowdy in the Leon County Civic Center Saturday night, cheering for the good, and the bad.

WWE took off with a smash, and although the wrestling is enough to get the crowd really excited. The nigh had special meaning for Florida State Fans here in Tallahassee.

WWE fan, Michael Granato explained, "He is a local icon, he is one of the many faces of Florida State, you know when I graduated from here I was proud to say I went to school where Ron Simmons aka Farooq."

That's right Farooq, a former FSU defensive lineman, and the first African American to be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame, was here visiting his old stomping grounds.

WWE Hall of Famer and FSU Alumnus, Ron Simmons explained, "It's like coming home again. It has a really really deeper meaning than it probably does for most athlete's."

Tallahassee isn't just the town where he went to school...its much much more.

If Simmons could say anything to Tallahassee he would say, "Thank you to all of the people to this University, for the four most memorable years of my life four of the most informative years of my life."

And Saturday night in front of more than four thousand fans, Ron Simmons was honored with the City naming today Ron Simmons Day.

It gave him another beautiful Tallahassee Memory in the place he loved in front of the crowd that loves him.

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