Walker Speeds Into Champion Contest

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Lake City, FL - Heath and Devin Walker, Mayo, FL natives, typically spend their weekends at a racetrack. On one particular Saturday evening, father and son are revving up at North Florida Speedway in Lake City.

Heath has raced stock cars for 12 years; Devin for three.

"My dad's been racing since I was five and that just got me started," Devin said. "I knew when I turned 13 I wanted to get one, and that's what happened."

"I'm not gonna lie, the first time he buzzed by me on the racetrack, I got a little shorter," Heath quipped.

But Heath prefers watching his 16-year-old, as do Devin's fans.

After his first 11 races, Devin captured the checkered flag. That was when he was 13. He's shifted into similar success ever since.

"This past year was amazing," said Devin, who participates in 40 races on average. "I had five wins and two of them really big wins. It's just really amazing."

Devin has 10 wins in his racing career, but now he's hitting the gas for another milestone.

Devin is speeding into the "Search for a Champion" competition. The top prize is a $50,000 sponsorship by the company Champion. It's based on fan voting.

"It would mean the world to me," he said. "It would mean I could go out and compete in another division and just excel in my racing program."

Number 55 knows that kind of money will take his career into another gear.

"My all-time goal is NASCAR," Devin said. "I know to do that I gotta keep eating at it and getting stronger."

And Heath takes a voluntary backseat sharing a dream he believes his son will one day achieve.

Vote for Devin at his website, http://www.devinwalker55.com/. Once you register you can vote each day.

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