Wentworth Makes Taylor County Baseball A Contender

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“One Scout Referred to him as possibly the next Buster Posey,” Taylor County Head Baseball Coach Reggie Wentworth said.

Taylor County is undefeated in district play.

Junior Daniel Wentworth is a big reason why.

To play at the next level including the pros, the Bulldogs shortstop is told he most likely will have to convert to third base or catcher.

“If they say I have to play right field or tote water I will, as long I get to play,” Daniel Wentworth said.

He’s batting well over .400 and leads the league in doubles.

Florida and Florida State have shown interest.

To be a leader you have to set an example.

“The other guys just jump right in and follow,” Wentworth said.

“He’s not a rah-rah guy,” Wentworth added.

“Daniel’s just the type of kid you want to build your program around. He’s a workaholic, he's one of the few guys at his age being a junior that understands that it takes a lot of work and dedication. He’s that kind of guy, a lot of fun to coach,” Wentworth said.

Daniel opened some eyes at the Perfect Game Showcase in Ft. Myers.

“I was ranked 9 out of 10,” Wentworth said.

“He just makes plays, he puts the bat on the ball, he just makes everybody around him better,” Wentworth said.

Daniel’s coach is also is his uncle. Uncle Reggie played college baseball for the Florida Gators and has pretty sound advice for his nephew.

“Daniel will be the first one to tell you that I’m probably harder on him than anyone else because I know the level play that’s expected og him,” Wentworth said.

“You have to work,” Wentworth said.

“And that’s how you lead,” Wentworth said,

This scholar athlete may be putting up impressive stats but the number that jumps out at me the most, his 4.0 grade point average.

My mom, she’s really hard on me about my grades because she’s a teacher. I’ve always been taught grades first and that’s what I am sticking with,” Wentworth said.

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