It's Game Day for the Winnersville Classic!

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Valdosta, GA - There's more than 10,000 seats at the Bazemore-Hyder stadium, and every single one of them is going to be filled. Tickets have been sold out since Wednesday.

WCTV's cameras caught Valdosta High School's Pep rally, which was sponsored by The US Marines.

The energy was much like it is at the Winnersville Classic - electric. Lowndes held their pep rally last night.

The rivalry between the two teams began in 1976 when Joe Wilson took over as head coach at Lowndes.

It's not just locals that have taken an interest. Georgia's Attorney General who's from Cobb County will be in the stands.

Sam Olens, Georgia Attorney General, stated, "both of these teams always beat the teams in Cobb County, so you know it's the type of thing where, you know, I just want to see a good game. I think what people don't like to see generally is where it's a blow out by the half. So I just want to see a good game and hope that no one gets injured and just have fun."

Kickoff is at 8PM.

Valdosta, GA - It's one of the biggest high school football games in our area every year.

It's the Winnersville Classic between the Valdosta Wildcats and the Lowndes Vikings. They say the early bird gets the worm, and many super fans are already out tailgating for the Winnersville Classic. The game doesn't start until 8, but that doesn't matter to some folks, because the Winnersville Classic is an all day event.

Be sure to join us tonight on Eyewitness News. We'll be out here with team coverage on the Winnersville Classic and we'll have highlights from the game, tonight at 11.

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