Winston, Smith Capture ACC Weekly Honors

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Tallahassee, FL - Following their standout performances in Florida State’s 48-34 win at Boston College on Saturday, redshirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston and senior linebacker Telvin Smith collected Atlantic Coast Conference Player of the Week honors on Monday.

Winston captured his first career Offensive Back of the Week award after completing 17-of-27 passes for 330 yards and four touchdowns against the Eagles. The Bessemer, Ala., native added a team-high 67 yards rushing on 14 carries. The Seminoles trailed 17-3 in the second quarter, but took a 24-17 lead into halftime after Winston evaded two defenders and threw a 55-yard “Hail Mary” touchdown pass to senior wide receiver Kenny Shaw as time expired at the end of the second quarter. Three of the four longest passes of his career were completed in the game, as he also tossed a 56-yard touchdown and had a 41-yard completion. Winston finished with his second 300-yard passing game and set a new career-high in rushing yards. The award marks the third ACC Player of the Week honor for Winston this season. He has also been named Rookie of the Week twice (Week 1 and Week 3).

Smith led the Seminoles on the defensive side of the ball against Boston College. He registered a game-high and a season-high 10 stops and matched his career-best with two tackles for loss. The Valdosta, Ga., native also added a sack. He leads FSU in tackles (27) and tackles for loss (4.0) this season.

WINSTON, Aguayo nab other weekly honors, too
In addition to his ACC Offensive Back of the Week award, Winston also picked up Athlon Sports National Freshman of the Week accolades and was named an honorable mention Quarterback Performer of the Week by the College Football Performance Awards.

Redshirt freshman kicker Roberto Aguayo nabbed honorable mention Specialist Performer of the Week honors from the CFPA. Aguayo extended his perfect streak of made kicks to 33 by nailing a pair of field goals and all six of his PATs at Boston College. He is tied for the ACC lead in scoring at 11.8 points per game.

Florida State Head Coach Jimbo Fisher Press Conference Transcript – Sept. 30, 2013

Opening Statement:
“(We) come back after a hard-fought victory over BC (Boston College) – always great to get a road win. It’s very tough to go on the road in the conference and get a win and play well and BC always plays us well there. They’re a very physical football team, very tough and well-coached. They did a great job in the game. I was proud of our players in the way we competed in the game. I thought we bounced back from some situations in the game and kept our poise – very proud of that. Still, we’re continuing to grow as a team. (We) have to keep finding those things and the consistency, and at times we’re doing some really nice things in all three phases. We’ve got to continue to improve. I thought our defense did a nice job and we had a couple of knucklehead (moments) that we did with eye control…gave up a couple of big plays that were very simple, but when we watched the film I wasn’t as distraught as I thought I was going to be because it was only two or three individual things that caused the problem. Timmy Jernigan and Eddie Goldman played probably as well as they’ve played all year. Demarcus Walker played very well, Telvin (Smith) played really well. (The) secondary played pretty solidly across the board. More of a couple guys that did have great games that were causing some movement inside. Three plays were all eye control plays. First one they executed very well. P.J. (Williams) tried to make up for it and lost eye control on, which is lack of discipline which can’t happen. But, I thought we settled down in the second quarter. They had 23 total yards and in the third quarter – we went from being down 17-3 then went on a 35-3 run to go back up 38-20 to get control of the game. We got stops on defense and on offense we scored on five straight drives. Played very well, hit some big plays in the game. Offensively, I thought we played well. We moved the ball and made big plays. We played a little more consistent. We had a couple of three-and-outs early which were disappointing, but responded very well. (We) took care of the ball for the most part the whole game until we threw the ball a little deep where we (could have) put it away a little bit, but still scored, made plays, guys caught the ball, got the running game going after a while. Special teams – that’s the thing, three returns in that game. First one was off a low punt kicked into the wind, a flat punt which we can’t do, got to get the ball up. The second one, we just missed a tackle. We got a tackle at the point of impact and we miss it. Then we got out of our coverage lane, which was bad. On the kickoff return, 10 guys are perfect and you’re down to one guy with a mental mistake or we’re going to tackle every kickoff inside the 25-yard line. You never know. You’ve got to play every play, you’ve got to play all of them and we’ve got a couple situations where I thought the defense responded very well in the second quarter, played extremely well. BC did a nice job. They did one or two little things that were different in off week that we got adjusted to. But we were consistent and continued to grow. Still proud of our guys, we’re 4-0. Winning on the road is tough – scoring points, doing the things that we have to do and we can coach them up this week and get better because it’s important because Maryland, as you see, is a very good team. In every conference standing, they’re one or two in every statistical category across the board, playing very good football. Very dynamic players on offense –quarterback C.J. Brown is playing lights out. (Stefon) Diggs is a great player – he’s catching balls everywhere. Their back, (Brandon) Ross is way up there and does a good job. They’ve got a good football team. Defensively, (Marcus) Whitfield has five or six sacks and six or seven tackles for loss. (They are) doing a lot of different things with coverages and blitz packages – playing great football. Special teams are doing a good job, got great returners because they’re dynamic and athletic. It’s going to be a great game. Got to get better this week and improve and try and win another conference game because it’s a double whammy game because it’s a divisional game.”

On if he was encouraged because the defense made adjustments:
“I am very encouraged because it shows you played with consistency and you had eye discipline in what you were looking at. I said that after the press conference eyes are critical. You want to see guys make plays, but sometimes on defense you have to realize that you don’t make every play. You have to have the discipline to do it and a couple of our situations came from eye discipline trying to be over aggressive and not staying with what we had to do and within the scheme. You rather say ‘whoa,’ than ‘giddy up.’ I say that all the time. When you explain to our guys, they saw it, they get it, they’re not selfish. It’s just natural on defense they want to make a tackle but sometimes you have to give yourself up for someone else to make it so you stay sound in what you’re trying to do. “

On the young defensive backs:
“I thought they played well. We had very few issues in the secondary as far as guys and broken plays. Those were not their situations. They tackled well for the most part. I thought Jalen Ramsey played pretty well for the most part. P.J. (Williams) did a great job, scored on defense, got another pick – a great turnover there and then Nate Andrews got his first pick of the game. I thought those guys did a nice job.”

On freshman safety Nate Andrews:
“Very good special teams guy. He plays with three I’s, which I think are very important – intensity, immediacy and intelligence. I think those are critical for every player. That’s the three most important things you can play with – having the intensity and being ready to play, being immediately ready when you play and then having the intelligence when you do play and I think he goes a great job of that for a young guy.”

On overcoming early adversity:
“We found out some things about our football team that you don’t always find out until big situations that I’m very proud of, in hindsight. We want to do better in the beginning and we want to start from (being) ahead and we’ll work on those things but we have found out a lot about our team. We can keep poised and we can stay as true to the process and keep playing and be able to make adjustments and still be able to win the football game.”

On the play of the offensive line:
“Solid. I didn’t think it was one of their better games. I thought they played a good game, not a great game. They got better as the game went on, really made adjustments to the different blitz schemes and to the different things they were doing, and they played better as the game went on and competed and kept their poise. You saw the experience. They just kept ‘okay not panic, make adjustment, move.’ Some of the drives we had it was one guy here or there. But they played a solid game – nothing special and nothing poor.”

On redshirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston using his legs:
“It’s what he had to do at the time. Taking what he had and making reads and being smart with the ball. I thought one thing he did in the pocket for as much pressure as he had, he did a great job of securing the ball in the pocket, keeping his hands on it. (He) did a great job of keeping his eyes up, finding throws or making decisions to run. That is a reaction. You can’t say that I’m going to work on it. You had to read coverage and take what they give you and you had to react and that’s poise under pressure and he did a nice job of that.”

On if Maryland this coming weekend:
“They have good players. I learned in this game – you never know. I don’t ever listen to those preseason polls and everybody has good players. There are so many players out there playing football now. Diggs and Brown and all them got hurt there a couple years ago and I know those guys are all great players and Randy (Edsall) is a heck of a football coach and (Brian) Stewart their defensive coordinator is a great coach. (Mike) Locksley does a great job on offense. You know they’ve got good coaches. They’ve got great players. It doesn’t surprise me.”

On former quarterback Clint Trickett’s game at West Virginia:
“I knew they were winning, I didn’t know they won until afterwards. I was very proud and happy for him. Watching his dad, to watch Rick (Trickett) and how he coaches his tail off here for us and did a great job and they’re nothing like your kids. There is nothing like your family. I don’t care what you say and to watch his son transfer and do the right thing and is leading a state that Rick grew up in and is right there by home and helping them get back to a nice level and a great place and home for all of us. I am very happy for Rick and Tara (Trickett) and the whole family.”

On if there will be any special teams changes:
“We’re constantly tweaking that. We’ve got a lot of guys in there. It’s not like we can’t do it or personnel that can’t do it, guys have been doing it. We’ve got to go back and reteach, that’s coaching and we’ll get that fixed.”

On redshirt sophomore wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin:
“He’s learning to be consistent. Learning to push himself and he still has a ways to go. That’s still a challenge for him every day and we talk about it every day. It’s never good enough and you have to keep pushing yourself and he’s playing very good football, but there is still another level he can really go to and take off but I’m proud of the adjustments he’s made and I think he’s doing a great job and I think we can keep going because he had a chance to really be good and Kenny (Shaw) played well and Rashad (Greene) played well.”

On senior safety Terrence Brooks:
“He’s been good. We’ve been moving Terrence around, doing different things as far as assignments, positions, strong safety, free safety, nickel, dime. He has as really evolved as a player – tackles well, plays the ball. Just a really good football player. It’s critical (for him to move around) and that is great for their development for their future too. (We try) to recruit guys that can move in those different positions and he’s done a really nice job.”

On senior linebacker Telvin Smith receiving ACC Linebacker of the Week honors:
“Telvin was taking on blocks, was filling holes, did a nice job, just overall leadership and ability to play the game – he can play and play. Just a tremendous football player. I could go on and on about him. Great leader, instinctive, dadgum is he instinctive. When he pulls the pin and makes a decision he explodes at the ball carrier. Very good football player.”

On junior defensive lineman Desmond Hollin:
“He made a sack and I’m going to tell you what, took on blocks, played physical, played well at the point – when we got him in there he did a really nice job of helping us adjust and shut things down.”

On Hollin’s development moving forward:
“Just reps. He’s going to play more and more. He’s earned that right. Last week and a half of practice, he’s really started coming on. Understands the techniques and is playing physical. I think has a chance to be a very good player.”

On senior fullback Chad Abram having a chance to play pro:
“I think so. Big time, thing so. I think he’s a phenomenal special teams guy that you can’t find. He about made me a liar when I said he had the best hands on the team and then almost drops the ball. Dadgum. I was glad to see him – he is doing so many little things right for us that allows us to move him around. Playing really good football and good kid – intelligent, smart, tough and very proud and happy for him.”

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