Women's Roller Derby Team Defends Tallahassee Territory

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By: Bailey Myers
July 6th, 2013
Tallahassee, FL - What do roller skates, a little bit of spandex and lots of knee pads have in common? That's right, Women's Roller Derby.

Don't be fooled by the pink and green skates, because this is women's roller derby where shoves, pushes and falls are just a part of the game.

Ashley Gibbens, or Scarlet SkullBreaker, of the Capital Punishment team explained, "Literally hitting people and hitting them out of bounds is my favorite part, 'cause they usually don't expect it from me and I go up and hit them and then they go out of bounds. And i'm like, 'Hah, sorry. Sorry I'm not sorry."

Although it may seem like it's just girls pushing each other around on skates, it really is about much much more.

Another Capital Punishment team member, Cheryl Urbas known as Purr So, said, "I'm very amazed with my progress and every time I go into practice I try to improve on a skill and that kind of keeps me going."

As Fort Myers Derby Girls player Samantha Foster, aka Yo Slammity Sam explained practice makes perfect, "We actually have three to four practices a week. Um, We have two days of endurance and drills and then one day of scrimmage and then we have a day where its all the new people."

Working hard to make sure they are ready to destroy their opponent.
One thing both teams have in common is their passion for the game, and the love for their team.

"We are like Family" said Gibbens and her opponent Foster said, "They are my family". Arm in arm each family defends their own.

The Tallahassee Roller Girls, Capital Punishment won, beating the Fort Myers Derby Girls 215 to 131.

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