World Cup Fever

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Experts say the odds are stacked against the United States to win the World Cup. In fact those same expert say the U.S won't make it out of group play.

The local chapter of the American Outlaws, the USA Soccer's biggest fan base, disagrees. Instead they chant their thoughts for the whole world to hear. "We believe, we believe we can win."

WCTV's Jason Hurst believes as well, and to show his support got into the World Cup spirit. Seeing is worth believing.

The fans were in the spirit too. The WCTV sports team caught up with USA Soccer's biggest fans, the Tallahassee chapter of the American Outlaws.

""To support the team throughout and to see everyone else come along during the world cup, it's really great. It's a great feeling to see everyone in the community come together," Richard Rubin, Social Media Coordinator for AO Tallahassee said.

"I feel like we are here. We're here. And soccer is going to stay this time," Scott Chandler, Secretary of AO Tallahassee said.

"For a month the entire world turns into the same timezone and tunes into this world cup and it is something to get you excited, get you rallied behind your country and the sport and the game and the interest and it's a blast," Cody Gilliard, Vice President of AO Tallahassee said.

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