Wynn Michalak Hosts Clinic at Rickards

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Tallahassee, FL - Freelance Team USA wrestler Wynn Michalak hosted a clinic at Rickards on Wednesday.

Michalak beat Olympic gold medalist Jake Varner at an international tournament earlier this year.

The University of Illinois assistant coach shared some of that knowledge with some local grapplers.

Michalak, a Central Michigan alum, was invited to come to Tallahassee by Team USA and jumped at the opportunity.

"I just really try and have fun with the kids, he said. "Try and teach them new stuff, but make them realize that they just need to really think about the basics."

"It's going to help me a lot because he said if you use your basic moves, you're going to be better, because people always use their fancy moves and they get pinned quicker," said Gabe Fletcher, a participating wrestler at the clinic.

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