Amateur Fighting Gets Youthful Hand

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Tallahassee, FL - Seth Bryan has trained in mixed martial arts for three years. The Lincoln High School junior never considered trying any other sport.

"This is what I want to do," he said. "So this is all I really think about."

Bryan will be fighting for the 10th time in his career on Saturday at the Armory in Tallahassee. Xtreme Amateur Championship Fighting is hosting a 16-match event there.

"I'm pretty competitive," Bryan said. "I really don't like to lose."

Bryan, 18, works out at World Triumph Martial Arts. Balin Hutter also makes WTMA his training home.

"I really got into it about a year ago and I lost 100 pounds," Hutter said. "Now this is going to be my second fight in MMA. I'm real excited for it."

Hutter, 20, is a senior at Lincoln High School. He gave up football in exchange for knockouts.

"Everyone at school, when you say you do MMA, they're like, 'what? How can you do that? You get hit in the face everyday,'" Hutter quipped. "And you're just like, yeah, it's more fun than any sport out there."

Of course, it's more fun when the wins turn into money. Bryan estimates it could take him another three years to get there.

"I need that experience," he said. "I just can't jump in there with the pros, the big dogs and not have that experience."

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