Young Tennis Players Gain Mental Advantage with Dynavision

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Tallahassee, FL -- There are different ways athletes training throughout the year. From weight lifting, to conditioning, to film studying. The Dynavision provides a mental edge.

"We feel this completes the actual full body experience of training."

Phil Jones played in the Canadian Football League in the 1980's. He used this device when he was playing, loved it so much, that he bought the company.

"We all used the device and we had fantastic teams, we were always right at the top of the league."

It measures athletes ability to react and perform under stress. Professional athletes average score is in the 150s for a one minute test. I decided to step up and give it a try.

"It really tests your mind."

At Florida State, young tennis players were put through the exercise.

"The cliche that it's 90 percent mental, and it really is in tennis," adds FSU associate tennis coach Nick Crowell. "When you get to a certain level everyone has the skills, everyone is fast, but it is who can sustain that edge over a long period of time."

The Dynavision is used all across the county, but athletes are not the only one benefiting from it's use.

"It goes right down to the people who had traumatic brain injuries and concussions and strokes," Jones adds. "Anyone who uses enjoys using it. Any trainer that have their patients using it enjoy it because their patients love to use it as well."

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