Youth Training

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Tallahassee, FL - It's no longer unusual to see three-year-old's lifting weights and running 40 yard dashes. Titus Sports Academy sees kids that young come in all the time.

Ten-year-old Sam Curry has trained at Titus since he was seven.

"I was already playing flag football and then I went up to tackle football and I thought 'I'm gonna need to be stronger if I'm going to play in this league and get better,'" Curry said.

More than 60 kids, ages 3-10, come through Titus throughout the week. They're goals are all similar and simple: to become the best athlete in their sport.

"It's so I could get stronger and develop more power for soccer," said Tucker Hicks, a nine-year-old who has trained at Titus for the past year.

Michael Bunton is the Operations Manager at Titus. He's worked there for four years.

"Being able to use your entire body to hit the baseball. Being able to use your whole body to dribble and make it just all coordinated and natural, for a kid that's huge," he said.

Bunton calls this process of developing pre-teen kids "blueprint training."

"Just like a contractor looks at the plans for a building before he starts building it, that's what we're doing for the kid at that age," he said.

Curry hopes to receive the benefits.

"I think it's going to help me like get those scouts looking at me. I got all those guys that I need to get confirmed with and be good in their eyes."

But it's in the eyes of these kids to make their futures possible.

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