High School Football Scores

Week 1 Results

Away TeamScoreHome TeamScoreStatus
Mosley Dolphins27Leon Lions21Final-OT
Branford Buccaneers 26Aucilla Christian Warriors 19Final
Hamilton County Trojans20Fort White Indians14Final
Lafayette Hornets 14Trenton Tigers 17Final
Tampa Catholic Crusaders 6Madison County Cowboys 23Final
Suwannee Bulldogs 38Bradford Tornadoes 0Final
Dixie County Bears46 Taylor County Bulldogs6Final
Walton Braves16Blountstown Tigers6 Final
Franklin County Seahawks7Evangelical Christian Sentinels40Final
Wewahitchka Gators 7Port St. Joe Tiger Sharks41Final
Florida High Seminoles12Wakulla War Eagles40Final
East Gadsden Jaguars0Pine Forest Eagles36Final
Baker Gators30Graceville Tigers27Final
St. Joseph Academy Flashes33Munroe Bobcats14Final
John Paul II Panthers0Sneads Pirates42Final
FAMU High Baby Rattlers14West Gadsden Panthers6Final
Rickards Raiders44Chiles Timberwolves7Final
Pensacola Tigers27Lincoln Trojans31Final
Liberty County Bulldogs42Maclay Marauders3Final
Deerfield-Windsor Knights13NFC Eagles24Final
Bainbridge Bearcats12Early County Bobcats6Final
Irwin County Indians49Berrien Rebels20Final
Clinch County Panthers8Brooks County Trojans28Final
Brookwood Warriors28Bell Bulldogs14Final
Hoover Bucs14Colquitt County Packers35Final
Cook Hornets0Tift County Blue Devils28Final
Marion County Eagles40Miller County Pirates0Final
Tiftarea Academy Panthers18GA Christian Generals7Final
Plant Panthers14Lowndes Vikings20Final
Thomasville Bulldogs0Cairo Syrupmakers14Final
Thomas Co. Central Yellowjackets10Valdosta Wildcats28Final
Valwood Valiants24Westfield Hornets41Final
Godby Cougars14Marist War Eagles17Final

Week 2 Results

Away TeamScoreHome TeamScoreStatus
Rickards Raiders7Leon Lions28Final
Holmes County Blue Devils68Liberty County Bulldogs3Final
Aucilla Christian Warriors27Oak Hall Eagles8Final
Chiles Timberwolves0Godby Cougars46Final
Bozeman Bucks7Graceville Tigers41Final
Lafayette Hornets37Maclay Marauders33Final
Munroe Bobcats6St. Johns Country Day Spartans34Final
Cottondale Hornets28Wewahitchka Gators37Final
Blountstown Tigers3FAMU High Baby Rattlers16Final
Arnold Marlins7Florida High Seminoles50Final
Suwannee Bulldogs41Hamilton County Trojans6Final
Jefferson County Tigers6Dixie County Bears38Final
Lincoln Trojans10Columbia Tigers7Final
Brooks County Trojans22Madison County Cowboys29Final
NFC Eagles34Valwood Valiants35Final
Williston Red Devils28Taylor County Bulldogs41Final
Cairo Syrupmakers13Bainbridge Bearcats7Final
Berrien Rebels21Cook Hornets14Final
GA Christian Generals6Brookwood Warriors34Final
Seminole County Indians7St. Anne Pacelli Vikings21Final
Rutherford Rams21East Gadsden Jaguars12Final
Port St. Joe Tiger Sharks6Bay Tornadoes15Final
Crisp County Cougars0Colquitt County Packers55Final
Drew Varsity14Lowndes Vikings50Final
Early County Bobcats40Miller County Pirates6Final
Riverdale Raiders0Thomas Co. Central Yellowjackets42Final
Swainsboro Tigers0Valdosta Wildcats21Final
Wakulla War Eagles41Navarre Raiders42Final
West Gadsden Panthers7Vernon Yellowjackets38Final

Week 3 Results

Away TeamScoreHome TeamScoreStatus
Chiles Timberwolves16Mosley Dolphins33Final
Graceville Tigers9Blountstown Tigers21Final
Port St. Joe Tiger Sharks46Bozeman Bucks0Final
John Paul II Panthers0Brookwood Warriors49Final
West Gadsden Panthers36Cottondale Hornets6Final
Rickards Raiders28Crestview Bulldogs12Final
Godby Cougars42East Gadsden Jaguars0Final
Sarasota Sailors0Lincoln Trojans38Final
Munroe Bobcats24Seven Rivers Christian Warriors54Final
Aucilla Christian Warriors28St. Joseph Academy Flashes13Final
Leon Lions48Strawberry Crest Chargers9Final
Potter's House Christian Lions24Taylor County Bulldogs28Final
Liberty County Bulldogs63Wewahitchka Gators0Final
FAMU High Baby Rattlers6Florida High Seminoles47Final
Chiefland Indians7Hamilton County Trojans33Final
Newberry Panthers20Jefferson County Tigers26Final
Bell Bulldogs19Lafayette Hornets56Final
Gainesville Hurricanes23Madison County Cowboys48Final
Suwannee Bulldogs21Santa Fe Raiders12Final
Marianna Bulldogs20Wakulla War Eagles47Final
Monroe Tornadoes6Bainbridge Bearcats7Final
Clinch County Panthers12Berrien Rebels13Final
West Florida Jaguars19Cairo Syrupmakers7Final
Pierce County Bears16Cook Hornets17Final
GA Christian Generals55First Presbyterian Highlanders12Final
Valwood Valiants40Frederica Academy Knights7Final
Seminole County Indians42Mitchell County Eagles12Final
Miller County Pirates8Pelham Hornets20Final
Sneads Pirates33Franklin County Seahawks20Final
Colquitt County Packers38Enterprise Wildcats10Final
Rockdale County Bulldogs15Lowndes Vikings45Final
Americus-Sumter Panthers12Thomas Co. Central Yellowjackets20Halftime
Thomasville Bulldogs0Valdosta Wildcats10Final

Week 4 Results

Away TeamScoreHome TeamScoreStatus
Cook Hornets35Islands Sharks0Final
Crisp Academy Wildcats21Munroe Bobcats20Final
West Gadsden Panthers3Tate Aggies52Final
Veterans Warhawks0Valdosta Wildcats34Final
Franklin County Seahawks0Liberty County Bulldogs57Final
Baldwin Braves18Thomasville Bulldogs19Final
Bainbridge Bearcats10Thomas Co. Central Yellowjackets20Final
Newton Rams13Lowndes Vikings17Final
Pelham Hornets7Colquitt County Packers47Final
Cairo Syrupmakers20Westover Patriots19Final-OT
Valwood Valiants43Tiftarea Academy Panthers15Final
Maclay Marauders17Hamilton County Trojans51Final
Graceville Tigers27Wewahitchka Gators14Final
Blountstown Tigers14South Walton Seahawks28Final
Brookwood Warriors43SW GA Academy Warriors9Final
Miller County Pirates20Seminole County Indians45Final
Irwin County Indians47Clinch County Panthers7Final
Perry Panthers3Brooks County Trojans22Final
Taylor County Bulldogs14Wakulla War Eagles50Final
Madison County Cowboys7Trinity Christian Conquerors42Final
North Marion Colts26Suwannee Bulldogs30Final
Jefferson County Tigers0Port St. Joe Tiger Sharks38Final
Marianna Bulldogs21NFC Eagles13Final
Cottondale Hornets6Sneads Pirates38Final
Godby Cougars48Leon Lions7Final
FAMU High Baby Rattlers37Lafayette Hornets36Final
Aucilla Christian Warriors23John Paul II Panthers36Final
Fort White Indians37Chiles Timberwolves7Final
Ft. Walton Beach Vikings13Rickards Raiders23Final

Week 5 Results

Away TeamScoreHome TeamScoreStatus
Blountstown Tigers24Liberty County Bulldogs7Final
Franklin County Seahawks6Aucilla Christian Warriors33Final
Maclay Marauders0FAMU High Baby Rattlers30Final
Graceville Tigers13Freeport Bulldogs26Final
Potter's House Christian Lions26Lafayette Hornets48Final
Florida High Seminoles28Leon Lions21Final
Rickards Raiders7Lincoln Trojans28Final
Chiles Timberwolves14Marianna Bulldogs34Final
GA Christian Generals50Munroe Bobcats12Final
Brookwood Warriors58Southland Academy Raiders25Final
NFC Eagles45Jefferson County Tigers6Final
Branford Buccaneers21John Paul II Panthers28Final
Madison County Cowboys37Pace Patriots58Final
Chipley Tigers6Port St. Joe Tiger Sharks34Final
Hamilton County Trojans31Union County Fightin' Tigers21Final
East Gadsden Jaguars0Wakulla War Eagles42Final
Sneads Pirates20West Gadsden Panthers23Final
Miller County Pirates33Baconton Charter Blazers28Final
Berrien Rebels14Bleckley Royals28Final
Cook Hornets28Brantley County Herons6Final
Worth County Rams6Cairo Syrupmakers29Final
Bainbridge Bearcats31Crisp County Cougars6Final
Brooks County Trojans20Pelham Hornets0Final
Thomasville Bulldogs48Seminole County Indians21Final
Clinch County Panthers37Wilcox County Patriots6Final
Americus-Sumter12Thomas CC Yellowjackets33Final

Week 6 Results

Away TeamScoreHome TeamScoreStatus
Americus-Sumter Panthers28Bainbridge Bearcats55Final
Liberty County Bulldogs21West Gadsden Panthers14Final
Godby Cougars60Wakulla War Eagles21Final
Eastside Rams17Suwannee Bulldogs37Final
Taylor County Bulldogs21Madison County Cowboys55Final
Lafayette Hornets14Hamilton County Trojans29Final
Port St. Joe Tiger Sharks43Franklin County Seahawks0Final
Walton Braves32Florida High Seminoles49Final
Jefferson County Tigers38Branford Buccaneers7Final
Crestview Bulldogs35Leon Lions21Final
Munroe Bobcats0Aucilla Christian Warriors42Final
Blountstown Tigers45Bozeman Bucks0Final
Lincoln Trojans49Chiles Timberwolves14Final
Sneads Pirates7Graceville Tigers33Final
Trinity Catholic Celtics55Maclay Marauders16Final
Wewahitchka Gators41North Bay Haven Buccaneers21Final
NFC Eagles29Providence Stallions26Final-OT
Choctawhatchee Indians32Rickards Raiders33Final
Berrien Rebels13Brooks County Trojans51Final
Deerfield-Windsor Knights26Brookwood Warriors30Final
Valdosta Wildcats13Camden County Wildcats10Final
Atkinson County Rebels13Clinch County Panthers46Final
Lowndes Vikings27Colquitt County Packers45Final
Tattnall County Warriors8Cook Hornets33Final
Thomasville Bulldogs22Fitzgerald Purple Hurricane19Final
Thomas CC Yellowjackets38Monroe Tornadoes8Final
Valwood Valiants22Southland Academy Raiders14Final
GA Christian Generals26Terrell Academy Eagles13Final
East Gadsden Jaguars14Marianna Bulldogs31Final
Seminole County Indians0Early County Bobcats34Final
Randolph-Clay Red Devils12Miller County Pirates21Final

Week 7 Results

Away TeamScoreHome TeamScoreStatus
Rickards Raiders39FAMU High Baby Rattlers0Final
Graceville Tigers17Jay Royals26Final
Escambia Gators35Leon Lions28Final
Munroe Bobcats20Oak Hall Eagles24Final
Maclay Marauders49Wewahitchka Gators27Final
West Gadsden Panthers46Bell Bulldogs14Final
Suwannee Bulldogs45Bellview Rattlers0Final
NFC Eagles17Florida High Seminoles27Final
Dixie County Bears20Hamilton County Trojans7Final
Potter's House Christian Lions6Chiles Timberwolves27Final
Taylor County Bulldogs15Jefferson County Tigers8Final
Bozeman Bucks20Liberty County Bulldogs56Final
Godby Cougars13Trinity Christian Conquerors28Final
Bradford Tornadoes0Wakulla War Eagles48Final
Early County Bobcats26Berrien Rebels35Final
Terrell Academy Eagles6Brookwood Warriors35Final
Lee County Trojans14Colquitt County Packers58Final
Piedmont Academy Cougars17GA Christian Generals14Final
Brooks County Trojans42Seminole County Indians13Final
Valdosta Wildcats27Tift County Blue Devils24Final
Cook Hornets55Toombs County Bulldogs0Final
Westwood Wildcats0Valwood Valiants61Final
Bainbridge Bearcats28Worth County Rams48Final
East Gadsden Jaguars6Choctawhatchee Indians42Final
Cairo Syrupmakers31Crisp County Cougars0Final
Camden County Wildcats21Lowndes Vikings27Final
Albany Indians13Thomas CC Yellowjackets50Final
Pelham Hornets18Thomasville Bulldogs29Final
Rocky Bayou Knights23John Paul II Panthers9Final

Week 8 Results

Away TeamScoreHome TeamScoreStatus
Lowndes Vikings30Lee County Trojans42Final
GA Christian Generals40Crisp Academy Wildcats3Final
Appling County Pirates14Cook Hornets44Final
Thomas Co. Central Yellowjackets13Cairo Syrupmakers36Final
Tiftarea Academy Panthers14Brookwood Warriors28Final
Rickards Raiders7Godby Cougars41Final
Vernon Yellowjackets36Graceville Tigers11Final
St. Joseph Academy Flashes42John Paul II Panthers7Final
Rocky Bayou Christian Knights49Munroe Bobcats6Final
Agape Christian Saints6NFC Eagles36Final
Wewahitchka Gators20Sneads Pirates41Final
Marianna Bulldogs7Walton Braves39Final
Hamilton County Trojans49Branford Buccaneers14Final
Suwannee Bulldogs52Dunnellon Tigers35Final
Jefferson County Tigers6Lafayette Hornets41Final
Fort White Indians14Madison County Cowboys25Final
FAMU High Baby Rattlers0Port St. Joe Tiger Sharks35Final
Fernandina Beach Pirates9Taylor County Bulldogs26Final
Dougherty Trojans16Bainbridge Bearcats45Final
Fitzgerald Purple Hurricane28Brooks County Trojans22Final
Bishop Snyder Cardinals27Aucilla Christian Warriors35Final
Chipley Tigers29Blountstown Tigers30Final-OT
Maclay Marauders17Father Lopez Green Wave14Final
East Gadsden Jaguars6Florida High Seminoles44Final
West Gadsden Panthers51Franklin County Seahawks14Final
Leon Lions14Lincoln Trojans49Final
Stewart County Knights8Seminole County Indians67Final
Valwood Valiants43Terrell Academy Eagles21Final
Clinch County Panthers42Turner County Rebels30Final
Berrien Rebels36Thomasville Bulldogs51Final
Colquitt County Packers48Valdosta Wildcats20Final
Miller County Pirates0Mitchell County Eagles46Final

High School Sports

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Posted: 08/26/2014 - Season tickets for the 2014 Lowndes High School football season are still on sale. Reserved seat season tickets are available on both the home and visitor side of Martin Stadium.

Merchants Head To San Diego

Updated: 07/24/2014 - The U14 Tallahassee Merchants softball team will compete for a national championship.

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Posted: 07/18/2014 - Leon continues to upgrade the facilities within their football program.

Spring Football OTA's

Posted: 07/18/2014 - Colquitt County held its first annual Boar-Hog Football Camp .

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